Thoughts on the Blog

It has been nearly three months since the Michigan State hockey blog was created. Some people may think it is crazy to start a hockey blog during the summer, but it was nice to get all set-up before the hockey season starts in. The summer has been relatively quiet when it comes to MSU hockey news, but there were some great stories about our Spartans in the NHL. Please spread the word about the blog to everyone you know. I would appreciate your feedback either in the comments section or by emailing me at spartanhockeyblog@gmail.com. Let me know how you like the layout, what I should include in the posts, or anything related to the blog. Thank you!

As the season closes in, I will be starting daily blogs to keep you hockey fans updated on all the latest Spartan hockey news. There will soon be posts on joining the MSU Blue Line Club, how to purchase your student tickets, and an in-depth outlook for the 2009-10 season.


  1. Will you weigh in on the Winston-Sturges story?

  2. Sorry that is not something I will go into.