Abdelkader Nets Insurance Goals in Wings' Victories

In the first two games of the Stanley Cup finals, former Spartan Justin Abdelkader scored his first and second career playoff goals. The Detroit Red Wings had 3-1 victories over the Pittsburgh Penguins in both games. After only playing a few games with the Wings during the regular season, Abdelkader has scored two crucial goals in the finals. He has definitely earned the trust of Mike Babcock and the commentators of CBC were really singing his praises throughout the game.

I hope his performance thus far in the playoffs will earn him the chance to start out the season with the Red Wings next season, instead of with the Griffins. He has really shown that he can compete with the very best players in the NHL. Spartan fans have plenty to be proud of with Abdelkader's two clutch goals. I am changing my prediction for the finals. I think the Wings will win one game in Pittsburgh, and finish them off at the Joe in game five.


  1. CBC did fine, but Eddie Olczyk over on NBC, who wants to see Pittsburgh win as bad as whoever scheduled the Finals, rolled off not just Abdelkader's two goals but just about every Detroit goal up to game 2 on 'bad luck' for Fleury. He did a very poor job of giving credit where credit was due, and Abby certainly deserves an enormous amount of credit for his 2 (count 'em, 2) goals in the Stanley Cup Finals thus far. It's great to have another solid Spartan difference-maker who can execute in the clutch in the NHL.

    It was nice touch when T (of Tunes by T) played the Spartan fight song in the Joe after Abby's goal in game 2. Nice kid, too. He made sure to mention Spartan hockey in both of his postgame interviews and was very well spoken.

  2. That fight song in Game 2 was a classic moment, bringing back amazing memories for many of the hockey fans there....not to mention those B-Ball Final Four memories in East East Lansing!!!

  3. Glad to see an MSU hockey blog.

    I did notice that the schedule on the sidebar that says 2009-10 actually links to the 2008-09 schedule.

  4. The 2009-10 schedule will be updated as soon as it is formalized.