My Pre-Season CCHA Picks

1. Notre Dame
2. Miami
3. Michigan
4. Ohio State
5. Nebraska Omaha
6. Michigan State
7. Northern Michigan
8. Alaska
9. Ferris State
10. Lake Superior State
11. Western Michigan
12. Bowling Green

Any thoughts? What would your rankings be?


  1. Well, I'm not impressed with the "Miami Mystique" any more. I saw that coaching job in the NC game last season and all my admiration for Enrico Blasi swirled down the drain. He's mortal and he can be out coached. Which means his team can be beat---even the Spartans in the throws of the worse season in memory managed to travel to Miami in January and put a lick on the Redhawks 4-1.

    As for Notre Dame, I'm impressed, but not as impressed as I am with SCum this year. So far, this is setting up nicely for the Wolves. No overwrought pre-season hype, but a very solid returning class that likes to play together and some high profile recruits that will make an immediate impact.

    Ohio State---I just say, prove it. It isn't going to happen in Columbus as good as 4th.

    But, in East Lansing, I'm looking for a team that everyone is going to leave for dead---particularly in the pre-GLI part of the schedule---to surprise a lot of people with, not just a real team effort every night, but, to the surprise of many, an excellent mix of talent.

    Nebraska Omaha is a bit of wild card to me. They could do very well, but I wouldn't be surprise to see them under perform under this new coach. If they under perform, I say MSU fills the void and ends up third in the conference.

  2. When is UNO leaving for the WCHA?

  3. I think UNO is pretty much set in the CCHA for now, but I'm not the one to ask.