Michigan 5 Michigan State 3

Michigan got off to another fast start by scoring the first two goals of the game. Michigan State came roaring back with two goals by Andrew Rowe and one by Nick Sucharski. Rowe made an incredible move on the defenseman and then scored a wrap-around to tie the game up. Sucharski helped MSU take the lead with .7 sec left on the clock in the first period. That was all the goals that Michigan State could muster. Michigan scored early in the second and finished the game with an empty-netter for a 5-3 win. Drew Palmisano had a tough weekend, but he did not get much help from the Spartans defensively. We turned the puck over way too much to give ourselves a chance to win the series. Bobby Jarosz came into the game after Michigan's two goals to spark the team and made 33 strong saves. Corey Tropp was hurt in warm-ups and did not play in the game. I thought that Derek Grant stepped up his physical play in both games and Rowe played well too especially in the 2nd game. Also, Kevin Walrod filled in nicely for Tropp and he was really making an effort to play the body. It was a disappointing end to the season, but the Spartans should be proud of what they have done with a 2nd place finish in the CCHA after a disastrous season a year ago.


  1. Very nice job for the first year on this blog. I appreciated your comments and overviews for upcoming games. Maybe you could give us a post about who you think will leave early for the professional ranks. I'd like to hear your take. Comley said after the game on Saturday that Rowe stated he "was coming back no matter what." That's great news. How about Tropp and Petry? I'd love to see both those guys commit early to staying their fourth year.

  2. I will second BillOGoods' thoughts. It's great to have our own blog.