Western Ontario 5 Michigan State 3

First of all, it was not a very well played hockey game by Michigan State. The good news is that this game does not count towards their overall record and it should motivate the Spartans knowing full well that they will face a big test this weekend in Maine. They cannot afford to turn the puck over and make such costly mistakes. Western Ontario was a team that did beat Lake St. and played tough against Michigan, but MSU would have liked to play much better. There were many bright spots in the game, though. The Spartans were getting some quality scoring opportunities on their way to outshooting Western Ontario 2:1. Daultan Leveille had two tremendous goals, using his speed to his advantage. The line of Leveille-Grant-Gazley looks like a solid first line, but Coach may decide to change the lines up for this weekend. There will be some forward positions up for grabs this week during practice. There looks to be 7 guys competing for 6 defensive positions, so it will depend on how quickly Grassi comes back from injury. I was most impressed with the first power play line of Grant, Wolfe, and Chelios. Wolfe and Chelios are hard workers down low and they looked to set up Grant or the D men.

For a full press release and stats from the game, please visit msuspartans.com.

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