Line Combinations

I attended the second practice of the season today. It's so early in the season that it is tough to gauge how things will shape up over the course of the season. Although, I did see some very positive things from the Spartans. I came away impressed with freshman Derek Grant, who will be counted on heavily in his first season as a Spartan. Both Grant and fellow freshman Torey Krug, were featured as top recruits by the Western College Hockey blog. It was good to see Nick Sucharski back on the ice after missing most of last season with a shoulder injury. Jeff Petry was leading the stretching before practice. I think he will be the captain this season, but captains have yet to be named. Leveille looks primed to score a lot of goals this year and Palmisano looked sharp in net. I jotted down the lines, which were very interesting and should draw some debate among fans. I thought that the line of Tropp, Rowe, and Gazley looked the best this afternoon. Please leave some comments with your take on the lines.

The forward lines are:
Grant Sucharski Golembiewski
Tropp Rowe Gazley
Walrod Leveille Hayes
Chelios Forfar Nill
Merrifield Perlini Shean Warda
The D pair are:
Krug Petry
Josepher Buttery
Crandell Shelgren
Sturges Johnson


  1. Whooo Nellie!!!!! Where's Adam Henderson?

  2. Grassi isn't in the mix on defense? Give us a little insight on these absences, Sean.

  3. I think the D is deep enough that while Grassi gets minutes, he will really make his physical presence known on an every-night basis next season.
    He's a helluva sniper.

  4. I also think Grant will be an absolute stud.
    He gets second-line time right away. My darkhorse guy is Walrod. He'll get more time on that third line as season goes on.

    Here's what I've got for first third of season:
    Rowe - Leveille - Gazely
    Grant - Sucharski - Tropp
    Golembiewski - Warda/Nill - Sprague/Walrod
    Shean/Merrifield - Perlini - Chelios/Hayes

    Crandell - Petry
    Sturges - Shelgren
    Johnston/Krug - Buttery/

    G - Palmissano/Jarosz/McMahon

  5. First of all, Sprague and Grassi are out with injuries right now, so that's why they are not included in the lineup. Also, Henderson is no longer with the team for undisclosed reasons.

  6. As far as the lineup is concerned, Forfar and Hayes will most likely be top nine forwards, and Grassi and Josepher are considered to be in the top six for defensemen.

  7. I'm looking forward to attending practice and watching Krug. A lot of people seem to really be keen on him.